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Welcome to a new year 2014 where we make your dreams come true join us in making a different in human's life

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KwaZulu-Natal(North Coast)Zululand

GVMH Foundation is a community builder company that work on the developments of the young minda of Africa , well we not only concentrating in africa since we have representative and business partners with internationals around the globe to show big caring for our planet. The company created a business opportunity for ordinary individuals to empowr themselves in lifting up their financial indipendence. The company implimented programme which in few years time it is estimated that it will grow and improve peoples life as the police of the company aim. This opportunity allows you to grow in the market of online marketing, training ,brand development , being your own boss , promotions , becoming representatives and agents of the company. We what we do for you we partner with big and small companies that provide business opportunities, we arreng presentations ,workshops ,trainings and achievment events , then we bring them to your community to explain about the business. We also help with marketing tools as we understand our world of market. With this programme we aim to increase indipendance , employment rate and empower many young entrepreneurs around the globe mostly in rural areas to join us at the partner to this programme email me simpaul@galaxyhi.com if you want to become or register as the member contact galaxymedihouse@gmx.com cal:+27612108985
CEO Events role:
In understanding that being in a social business is not that easy. We have seen that we can't able to reach out all this people so we came up with this programme which we deffinatly have garantee that it will reach a lots of people around the world ,Cool Expansion Opportunities can play a role to empower women to get in enterprise world, it has been drawn to stop hunger , unemployment and bring bring business opportunities closer to the communities. Our main aim is to promote financial indipendance to all people so everyone can join our business opportunities. This can be your chance to get involve with big companies international and local.
Our countries are experiencing a huge problem of unemployment according to calculations south africa is one of those countries who have a shortage of employment and other needed scarce skills to establish, maintain and manange their own businesses ,efficiently. According to this program we have have ploted many cities to visit during our CEO Events where we will be going around introducing our collected business opportunities. To make this more attracting we have collected perfomers to join us to spread this word to the community so we estimated over 200 000 jobs to be created by this opportunities depending on the activeness of the event and the support we receive. We can change the world ,if we all take responsibilities to change this approach aim:
¤To address skills shortage in the business world
¤To offer financial assistance to the previously disadvantaged individuals to acquire skills that are needed when youu start or run a business
¤To promote economic growth, employability and social development
¤To create awareness and accessibility to built environment careers.
¤To undertake the market of business opportunities and bring it to the communities.
How to submit business opportunity?
It easy to submit a business opportunity to us , we welcome every opportunity affiliates ,jobs ,investments etc. But we have our own criteria to look at before we accept your submitions to avoid scams and other chancers as our aim here is to build not destroy.
Eligibility for consideration:
To qualify in our criteria of submition you must be a registerd company or organisation , be a registered agent ,member or representative. Able to provide us your membership proove or number from that particular company. Able to work with us plan your presentation to the events and cities you want to visit during your presentations.
Contact us for our beautiful different decorations for your events that suit your standard, need and value of your events , we make your vanue look beautiful for the day.
Events planning
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Where to find us?
We are located at the east side view of the city ,surbab call KwaMsane ,N2 road :
KwaMsane Reserve
Endlovu Village
LOT 2343
Mtubatuba 3935

Information Arts Centre
N2 Road , Zamimpilo Community Market
KwaMazala Mtubatuba 3935

Registered number:127-707NPO
Social development REFNO : APP-13/140445

Do you think the govenment is doing enough to invest in small business?

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